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Dr. Aronson-Ramos and her staff personally handle all phone calls, scheduling of office visits, and medication refills. This allows for maximal privacy as well as personal attention. Please note we also offer the convenience of online appointment scheduling for routine follow up visits. To use the online scheduler click on the green Make Appointment button above, when the screen opens click on the upper right hand corner to enlarge the screen for easier use. Remember always use your child’s name not the parent when scheduling online. To make an appointments for an initial evaluation or with our nurse practitioner please call the office for assistance. These visits cannot be scheduled online.

To schedule an initial evaluation new patients need to first complete the new patient forms on our website and call the office to for a brief review of information. Initial visits cannot be scheduled on line. 

Cancellations & Changing Appointments

Though we understand unforeseen events occur, we expect to be notified if you have to cancel or change an appointment. We strive to be as flexible as possible in meeting your scheduling needs. You are financially responsible for confirmed appointments and cancellation fees apply for missed appointments. If there is an emergency situation we are always willing to consider each case individually We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

We recommend scheduling office visits well in advance if you prefer after school hours. Please note email is for non-urgent communications only, if you need to cancel or change your appointment you can do so online but please confirm cancellations with the office by phone.  For more information about office email policies please view the Contact section on the website.

Office Hours

Monday 9 am-5 pm
Tuesday 9 am- 5pm
Wednesday 9 am-5 pm
Thursday 9 am-5 pm

PLEASE NOTE: The hours listed above are times office staff are available, patient visit times vary. Calls outside of regular staff hours will be returned the next business day. For urgent matters when the office is closed please call 561-901-3965, for emergencies call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room. Please note the office is closed for all major Federal Holidays.

Urgent Calls & After Hours Appointments

All phone calls will be returned within one business day. Messages left after hours Thursday and on Friday will be returned on the following Monday or the next day the office is open.  Should there be an emergency during or after office hours please call 911 immediately or proceed to your nearest emergency room. Do not delay immediate medical attention when this is necessary. Should there be an urgent need to contact Dr. Aronson-Ramos after hours you can reach her at 561-901-3965.

Medication Refills And Follow-Up Appointments

Medication refills require 48 hours notice. The specific procedures for medication refills will be discussed during your office visit. However, be aware our office is fully electronic and all medications are prescribed electronically. This includes controlled  substances which previously required a handwritten prescription. Be mindful that regular follow up visits are required for medication refills. For stimulants this means an office visit approximately every 3- 4 months. This is the current standard of care and we encourage scheduling your follow ups when you leave the office at the end of each visit to avoid problems with obtaining medication refills.