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Approach to Treatment

Current Treatments

Current Treatments:

  • Cogmed is an evidence based Brain Training program for children and adults. This computer based at home program is based on neuroplasticity research and has strong evidence for brain rewiring and making lasting changes in cognitive skills and development. Research has shown specific and lasting improvements in working memory resulting in gains in reading comprehension, mathematics, processing speed, and other areas. For more information go to www.cogmed.com or see Brain Training under the SERVICES tab on this site.
  • Medication management (electronic prescribing) and monitoring including laboratory assessments, such as Genomind (www.genomind.com) for pharmacogenetic testing, and other assessments when indicated.
  • Psycho-education for parents and caregivers on behavior management, parenting, and communication skills.
  • Motivational interviewing techniques for problem behaviors
  • Information and clinical data to obtain services from schools, insurance companies, state agencies, and other institutions.
  • Multi-modal Service Integration – provide resources and information to families across a broad spectrum of areas. Every treatment plan includes information regarding the following areas where relevant: educational placement, therapies, nutrition and supplements, medication, parenting, social skills training, therapeutic activities, and community resources.
  • Treatment Plan Oversight-establishing, monitoring, and integrating different interventions into a treatment plan with measurable outcomes.

Referral Services and Programs

The following categories provide a frame of reference for an individual or parents to discern the different components of an effective treatment plan. Our extensive knowledge of area resources allows us to provide referral options as well as oversee treatments and facilitate communication between the different providers. The following list is a guideline of the different types of interventions we frequently recommend.


Includes referral to special schools, tutors, and therapeutic educational programs. We have built an extensive network with educators and schools who serve children with specific learning needs. When necessary we work with other providers to assist with placement in therapeutic boarding schools and specialized programs.


Referral to therapists in the following areas

  • Speech
  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Behavioral
  • Auditory
  • Educational
  • Trauma Informed
  • Individual Psychological Therapies: including Cognitive Behavioral, Play Based, etc.
  • Social Skill Training

Psychological Services

We have developed a large referral base of experts in testing, counseling, and therapy.


We offer information and referral to local area resources for special needs children as well as typical programs that offer children and families positive experiences. These programs include: fitness and exercise, yoga, sports and recreation, dance, drama, art, organizational and ADHD coaching, and other programs.

Stress Reduction

We incorporate stress reduction for everyone – children, adolescents, young adults, and parents through specific programs and recommended family activities. We help families understand the role stress plays in overall health and wellness. We have a particular interest in MBSR mindfulness based stress reduction and provide information about this program to families. As well as an introduction to some of the techniques and basis of the program.


Recommendations for specialized diets and nutrition choices will be discussed and referrals made to individuals knowledgeable in this area when needed. This includes specific recommendations about evidence based nutritional and dietary interventions. Problems related to obesity, selective eating, dietary deficiencies and food intolerance will be addressed with referrals to other professional to work as a comprehensive team.

Parent Advocacy Groups and Public Agencies

We work to be sure all families are connected to the best resources in their communities. If we don’t know them presently, we will assist you in finding these resources and securing appropriate services.