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NEBA – We now offer an objective  laboratory test for ADHD called NEBA. NEBA is what is considered a bio-marker assessment to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in children 6-18 years of age. The test requires a 10-15 min painless non-invasive brainwave test (modified EEG) in the office. This involves stickers (electrodes) placed on the scalp and forehead. For more information about NEBA go to their website  www.nebahealth.com

First Steps is genetic testing for fragile X and certain genetic deletions and duplication seen in autism and other developmental disorders. The test is non-invasive requiring a buccal swap (swab inside the cheek). For more information about first steps click here.

Pharmacogenetic testing to help determine what medications an individual will respond to best. Using DNA gathered with a simple cheek swab done in the office or at home, the test analyzes a patient’s genes and provides individualized information to help select the medications which match a patient’s unique genetic profile. This is the promise of personalized medicine physicians have been hoping to offer their patients. We use two different companies, Genesight (www.genesight.com) and Genomind (www.genomind.com). All billing is through your insurance and the providers of the test. We do not charge for this assessment.