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Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorders

This visit is for families who need a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to meet the requirements of insurance companies for ABA therapy and related services for autism spectrum disorders in young children. The assessment includes extensive testing and a report for your insurance company and/or service providers. The testing involved will be individualized based on the child’s age and level of function. It will include standardized assessment instruments including but not limited to: ADOS-Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, CARS- Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Developmental Profile 3, Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, and others. In addition a review of records, comprehensive developmental & medical history, physical & neurological examination will be performed. We also request you provide us with copies of all prior assessments and relevant medical records. Once you have completed the online new patient forms my staff will conduct a brief  phone interview prior to scheduling to be sure this is the correct assessment for you and your child.

Treatment Consultation – Initial Visit

The initial visit is for new patients and those seeking a second opinion. The parents and the child/teen are both present, though we always provide time with each family member alone when appropriate. It is important that the parents provide copies of prior records and reports when the child/teen has been previously evaluated.  We also require you complete the new patient forms on our website and have a brief interview with our staff before we can schedule you as  a new patient. This screening process is necessary to insure we are the best fit for you and your family. Not everyone who contacts our office will be seen and if we determine we are not the appropriate setting we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Follow-up Routine (25 min) or Extended (50 min)

Routine/Extended –  Follow up visits are classified as routine or extended depending upon the needs of the individual and family.

Preliminary Consultation

Some families have many questions and concerns when scheduling an evaluation. The website is designed to provide this information, however, for families who feel they need to meet Dr. Aronson-Ramos, the preliminary consultation affords them the opportunity to discuss their concerns, before scheduling a full evaluation. This visit is for the parents only and requires completing the new patient forms and calling our office before scheduling.

Phone Consultations and Skype

These sessions are billed at the same rates as our office follow up visits. A phone consult is not a substitute for an in person visit with your child, however it may take the place of an office visit periodically for stable patients. If you would like a phone consult please call the office, it cannot be self booked online.

Fees and Insurance

The fees for my consultative services are customary and at the lower end of the range for private pay services in my field. We are unable to accept insurance directly at this time. Payment is expected at the time of service. We will email you an invoice for you to file a claim with your health insurance company. If your plan is a PPO, POS or provides for out of network coverage you should be able to obtain reimbursement. If you have not met your deductible the visit can be submitted towards your plan’s deductible. In addition you may want to inquire if your insurance company has an “out of network exemption” . Quite frequently they  have this when a specialty, such as Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics is not available in network.

**Please note in cases of divorce or co-parenting between two parents living separately, we require open communication between all parties involved in the child’s life. If you are unable or unwilling to do so, this will need to be discussed prior to your first visit, and may necessitate you seek the help of a different health care professional. In cases where custody is not shared and parents are at odds regarding diagnosis and treatment we may not be the appropriate provider for your family. We are unable to mediate ongoing hostilities between parents, and seek only to serve the best interests of the child, which in our experience requires open communication by all involved parties to achieve this goal.

Every established patient will have  access to Dr Aronson-Ramos and her resources. She is directly available to all of her patients and offers many ways to communicate – office visits, phone consults, fax, and email. Many of the problems patients and families face have a developmental component which changes over time making a long term relationship with a physician highly valuable. Just as families are accustomed to their Pediatrician who they have known through the years, a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician fulfills that role as a specialist.

Our office values working with other professionals as a team to provide a multidisciplinary approach. It is important for families to know we spend a considerable amount of time outside of office visits in coordinating and facilitating communication among involved professionals and caregivers. We feel this benefits our families and improves treatment outcomes.