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Office Policies & Procedures

Medication Refills

Every effort is made by our office to insure patients have an adequate supply of prescribed medications. If your child is on a new medication or a new dose of a medication we always request you call the office with a medication update. This is important for us to know what is working and what changes need to be made. The medication update process is how your medication gets refilled when it is a new medication or a medication change.  Refill requests should be made during regular office hours Mon-Thurs.

We electronically prescribe all medications including controlled substances. This means in most cases a handwritten prescription is no longer necessary even for stimulant medications. Rarely, a pharmacy may not accept an electronic prescription in which case a paper prescription will be provided.

During the initial phases of medication adjustment, parents may need to trial different dosages and different medications requiring more frequent prescriptions than when a medication has been adjusted and stabilized. Due to the tightly controlled nature of certain medications it is important that parents keep track of their supply and store medications properly. In the event prescriptions or medications have been lost or misplaced, these events will be documented and monitored.

Repeated requests for replacement prescriptions may require additional documentation. There may be instances where we require that medications are prescribed on a monthly basis. This policy protects families from possible illegal diversion of prescribed medications and allows the safest possible use of controlled medications. There are also cases where we may refer you back to your primary care physician for refills and chronic care once your child/teen is stable.

Appointment Cancellations

We require 48 hours notice for appointment cancellations to avoid a $50 cancellation fee. If you miss a scheduled and confirmed appointment without notifying us, you will be responsible for the full cost of your visit. If you cancel online you also need to call our office to confirm your cancellation.

We do our very best to accommodate families and understand last minute emergencies happen. We confirm all appointments 48 hours in advance by phone and by email. If you would like to email us regarding an appointment send it to help@draronsonramos.com or info@draronsonramos.com. It is preferable to always confirm with our office by phone when making appointment changes or cancellations.

We take considerable time and care in scheduling our families and one change can affect many people. We are happy to work with you, please work with us so we can serve as many families as possible in a timely fashion. For further information about these policies visit our appointments page.


We will not share any information about your office visit or medical care without written permission and we follow all current mandated HIPPA privacy policies and practices. Regarding divorced parents, we require open communication between all custodial parties involved in a child’s care. Please review our HIPPA policies which are posted on our website under FORMS in our Office Policies and Procedures section. We will not engage in offering testimony or expert opinion in custody disputes or legal proceedings in divorce cases.  Should you choose to have your attorneys contact us will no longer be able to provide your child with care. This is also clearly stipulated on the waiver you have signed to be seen in our office.