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Assessment Forms


  1. Complete new patient forms, press the GREEN BUTTON on the home page on our website
  2. Complete the online Parent Vanderbilt rating for children in pre-K and above: go to, click on “online assessment”, enter sfpvanparent as both the username and password, then type in child’s name lastfirst no spaces (for ex. SmithJon), enter birth date, if your child’s birth year is not an option any year is fine, this information is not critical, then follow on screen directions.
  3. We will be sending you a  rating scale for the teacher in a separate email for you to FORWARD to the teachers.

FOR PATIENTS between 2-5 years of age with concerns about Autism risk:

If you are concerned about Autism, you can complete a free risk screening. To understand more or to get started click here Cognoa Invite . At the top of the invite letter you will see “Cognoa/Questionnaire” click on “Cognoa” to read more about the program or “Questionnaire” to simply get started.

The library of other assessments below will be assigned on a case by cases basis. If you like you may fill out any assessments you feel will be helpful and bring them to your office visit.