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Judith Aronson-Ramos, M.D., is a Board Certified Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician. Her medical practice is devoted exclusively to the evaluation and treatment of pediatric patients (birth – 18 yrs) with challenges in learning, behavior, development, and social-emotional functioning. Dr. Aronson-Ramos has been in practice for over 30 years and she is acutely aware of the need for individualized and comprehensive care for children and families provided in a supportive and compassionate setting.


During your consultation if a definitive diagnosis is not evident, Dr Aronson-Ramos will focus on addressing the specific areas of need. Treatment supersedes finding the perfect diagnostic “fit”. If an individual has recently completed a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, she will focus on maintaining effective treatment, follow up care, and when indicated, re-evaluation. You will be provided specific recommendations and resources at each visit.  The goal is for families and the patient, to be empowered from the moment they leave the office. To contact us to see if we are the appropriate office for your child’s needs please feel free to call or email us at help@draronsonramos.com. New patients are required to complete a set of online forms and may require further screening to schedule the initial evaluation.


If medication is indicated, it will be prescribed as part of a comprehensive plan. We emphasize comprehensive as medications alone are rarely effective in leading to a successful outcome. In an effort to provide the best possible results with medication we also perform pharmacogenetic testing (PGT) when indicated. This is a simple test using a saliva sample performed in the office to help determine the optimal medications for each patient. PGT analyzes your DNA to provide information to guide treatment so we can more quickly determine the best medication options for each patient limiting side effects and a purely trial and error approach. We also discuss nutrition, supplements, and treatment alternatives other than medication on an individual basis.  Please read, The Five Most Frequently Asked Questions, by Dr. Aronson Ramos which summarizes her responses to some of the most common questions we address everyday. It is also important for families to appreciate that medication management requires consistent follow up. If we are too far away for regular office visits or not the appropriate clinician to prescribe for your child these issues will be discussed at your consultation. Families should also consider these factors before seeking care with our practice. It would be unethical to  guarantee a medications will be prescribed, this is determined on a case by cases basis.


Other unique programs and assessments in our office include: NEBA testing and  Cogmed Working Memory Training. NEBA is a diagnostic assessment to bring more precision to the diagnosis of ADHD. It is a brief EEG test performed in our office. Cogmed is an intensive computer based brain training program completed at home for ages 4-adult. Cogmed has been a successful intervention for children and teens in our practice with: ADHD, Learning Disorders, ASD, and other processing problems. For more information about NEBA and COGMED see the SERVICES tab on this website.


Dr. Aronson-Ramos will not replace your general Pediatrician or Primary Care Physician, she is a Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician which is a sub-specialist. There may be times where it is appropriate for you to return to your primary care giver for follow up. This will be discussed during your evaluation and follow up visits. There are also times when referral to a different sub specialist is the most appropriate course of action and in these cases we will assist to make sure the referral is timely and acceptable to you.


Be aware that we are a fee for service medical practice and  do not accept health insurance directly . However, we do provide you will an invoice with billable medical codes that  you can use to  submit your own claim to your private health plan and we encourage you to do so. This does not apply to medicaid. Our fees and this policy is explained in detail under the SERVICES tab on this website.

If you are a family impacted by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting please feel free to call our office for information about resources and services available in the community. Always search for the Professionals United for Parkland group on Facebook.


Dr. Aronson-Ramos evaluates and treats a wide range of clinical problems. Areas of specialization include but are not limited to the following:

• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Asperger’s Syndrome
• Learning Problems
• Behavior Problems
• Oppositional Defiant Disorder
• Disruptive Behavior Disorders
• Non-specific Challenging Behaviors
• Anxiety Disorders
• School Phobia
• Selective Mutism
• Separation Anxiety
• Developmental Delays
• Sensory Processing Disorder
• Sensory Integration Disorder
• Developmental Coordination Disorder
• Language Disorders
• Genetic Syndromes
• Language Disorders
• Genetic Syndromes
• Psychological Issues due to Chronic Disease
• Childhood Obesity
• Selective Eating Disorders
• Depression
• Social Skills Deficits
• Memory Problems
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Adoption Related Issues
• Transition to Adulthood for Individuals with Disabilities